10 Reasons Why Your Ball Python Won’t Eat Frozen Mice

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the food habits of ball pythons. They differ in breed, age, shape and food intake. Feeding them frozen mice is one of the toughest things to do.

Many of the ball pythons are not familiar with this. Proper knowledge of food habits for ball python will save your day and make it healthy. As we know that frozen food is getting popular day by day for easy availability.

We should switch into that habit slowly so that we can make the pet comfortable. You can have the right knowledge from vet, booklets, online and other pet owners.

Why Your Ball Python Won’t Eat Frozen Mice (10 Reasons)

  • Sudden habit change:

If a ball python is used to having alive food then it might upset it to get frozen food or might not consider it as a food.

  • Food in room temperature:

Most of the ball pythons do not like frozen mice that are cold. It should be converted to room temperature by keeping it out of the freezer.

  • Maintaining a schedule:

Food should be given at a particular time according to its habit. As we know that they are weekly eaters.

  • Active time of the eater:

There is some resting time for ball python. When excited they move around and look for food. This is the time to swerve food.

  • Smell of the food:

Natural animals have their own smell on them. Freezing decreases this odor and ball python thinks less of this item as a food.

  • Getting the food in front of their mouth:

As smell takes a major role in feeding, the food should be given to them in front of their head.

  • Shaking the food:

Sometimes we need to shake the food to make the predator think that it is alive.

  • Having the mood:

They have time to have food for their mood swings. We need to wait for that and try more than once.

  • Leaving the food for sometimes:

The ball python might eat their food after one or two days. In that case the food should be left there for more than one days.

  • Proper size of the food:

Size matters to have it by the ball python. This is very important for baby ball python.

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How to Get My Ball Python to Eat Frozen Mice?

If the ball python is not having frozen food then you can follow some tips to make them have the food. First of all we need to understand when it is hungry. They eat after a long time.

Get the frozen food out of the freezer earlier so that it gets hot. Microwave will also do. Try to get the food close to their head so that they can see it.

Try to shake the food to make it look like it is alive. Put some artificial smell over the food to smell natural. Give the food when the ball python is active.


Every animal has its own taste to enjoy. We might think something would be good for them but that is not the case all the time.

Ball pythons are familiar with frozen food, especially in the wild. It might take some time to make it their habit.

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