Why is My Rabbit Shaking?

Why is My Rabbit Shaking? – A Comprehensive Guide for Bunny Owners

Rabbits are cute, fluffy, and lovable pets. But sometimes, they shake. And that might worry you. Let’s find out why your bunny might be shaking.

The Common Reasons for a Shaking Rabbit

Just like with people, rabbits shake for many reasons. Some are no big deal. But others need a quick visit to the vet. Here are some reasons:

  • Fear: Something may scare them. They shake because they are afraid.
  • Happy: Yes, rabbits can tremble with joy too!
  • Cold: They might be cold. Just like you shiver, your bunny might do the same.
  • Stress: Changes at home or new pets can stress them out.
  • Sick: If they are not well, they could shake. It’s a sign to see the vet.

Understanding Fear and Shaking in Rabbits

Rabbits are prey animals. It means they get scared easily. It could be loud noises, a new pet, or just moving furniture. If your rabbit shakes and runs to hide, it’s likely scared.

Common Fears and Solutions for Your Rabbit
Fear Trigger What You Can Do
Loud Noises Keep them in a quiet place.
New Pets Introduce them slowly and safely.
Changes at Home Let them explore the changes at their own pace.
Why is My Rabbit Shaking?

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When Happiness Makes Your Rabbit Shake

Sometimes your bunny is just so happy, it shakes. This could happen when you give them their favorite treat. Or when they play with their favorite toy. It’s a good shake!

Is Your Rabbit Cold?

Bunnies get cold too. They like being warm and cozy. If it’s chilly and they shake, they might just be cold. Give them a warm spot or a soft blanket. But remember, a house that’s too hot isn’t good either.

Stress Can Cause Shaking

Change is hard for bunnies. A new home, less quiet time, or too much holding can stress them. A stressed bunny might not eat or play. Watch for signs and make their home comfy and calm.

Health Issues and Shaking

If your rabbit shakes a lot and seems sick, it’s vet time. They could have pain or be sick. The vet can check them and help them feel better.

Why is My Rabbit Shaking?

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What to Do If Your Rabbit Is Shaking

If you see your rabbit shaking, here’s a quick guide on what to do:

  1. Stay calm. Don’t scare them more.
  2. Check if they are too cold or too hot.
  3. Remove any scary things if you can.
  4. Give them a spot to feel safe and hide.
  5. Visit the vet if they look sick or hurt.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Why Is My Rabbit Shaking?

What Causes Rabbits To Shake?

Rabbits may shake due to fear, stress, pain, or medical conditions like ear mites, infections, or encephalitozoon cuniculi.

Is Shivering Normal In Rabbits?

Shivering in rabbits could indicate discomfort or a regulatory response to temperature changes; it isn’t typically normal behavior.

How To Calm A Shaking Rabbit?

Gently stroke your rabbit and provide a quiet, comfortable environment; consult a vet if shaking persists or is accompanied by other symptoms.


Rabbits shake for different reasons. Some are fine and some are not. By knowing why they might shake, you can keep them happy and healthy. Remember, when in doubt, a vet can always help.

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