Why is My Leopard Gecko Licking His Bum?

Leopard geckos lick their bum due to hygiene or digestive issues, such as shedding or constipation. Leopard geckos occasionally licking their bum could indicate several underlying issues.

It might be a hygiene-related behavior to clean themselves during shedding or after passing waste. However, it could also be a sign of digestive problems, such as constipation. In both cases, observing your gecko’s licking behavior and monitoring their overall health is crucial.

By providing appropriate care and a well-balanced diet, you can ensure the overall well-being of your leopard gecko. Understanding the reasons behind their licking behavior will help you address any potential health issues and promote a healthy and happy gecko.

Why is My Leopard Gecko Licking His Bum?

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Possible Reasons For A Leopard Gecko To Lick Its Bum

Have you noticed your leopard gecko engaging in the peculiar behavior of licking its bum? While it may seem odd at first, there are several possible reasons for this behavior, all of which are important to understand to ensure the well-being of your pet.

Digestive Health Concerns

One possible reason for a leopard gecko to lick its bum is related to digestive health concerns. Geckos may engage in this behavior to aid in the process of passing stool. If you notice your gecko repeatedly licking its bum, it could be a sign of constipation or other gastrointestinal issues that require attention.

Territorial Behavior

Another reason for this behavior could be attributed to territorial instincts. Leopard geckos are known to mark their territory by leaving scent traces, and licking their bum may be a way of spreading their scent to establish dominance. This behavior is especially common in males during mating season or when housed together in a shared habitat.

Residual Scents

Licking their bum can also be a way for geckos to clean and remove residual scents left from shedding or bowel movements. This behavior helps them maintain hygiene and reduce the risk of attracting predators in their natural habitat.

Shedding Assistance

Additionally, geckos may lick their bum to facilitate the shedding process. The moisture generated by the licking can help soften the old skin, making it easier for them to shed, particularly around the cloacal region where shedding can be challenging.

Why is My Leopard Gecko Licking His Bum?

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Why is My Leopard Gecko Licking His Bum?

Credit: www.reddit.com

Frequently Asked Questions For Why Is My Leopard Gecko Licking His Bum?

Why Do Leopard Geckos Lick Their Bum?

Leopard Geckos lick their bum to aid digestion and clean themselves. It’s a natural behavior.

Is Bum Licking Normal For Leopard Geckos?

Yes, bum licking is normal for Leopard Geckos. It helps them maintain hygiene and health.

Should I Be Concerned If My Gecko Licks Its Bum?

Occasional bum licking is normal. If excessive or paired with other symptoms, consult a vet.


In sum, ensure your gecko’s diet and environment are balanced to prevent abnormal licking. A veterinary check-up is crucial if behavior persists. Always monitor your pet’s habits and seek expert guidance when necessary. Ultimately, a comfortable and healthy gecko is a happy gecko.

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