Why is My Bearded Dragon Sleeping So Much?

Understanding Your Bearded Dragon’s Sleepy Behavior

Do you have a bearded dragon at home? Have you noticed it’s sleeping more than usual?

It’s normal to worry. But we have some answers that may help.

Why is My Bearded Dragon Sleeping So Much?

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Common Reasons For Extra Sleep

Bearded dragons can sleep a lot for many reasons.

Below is a table with these reasons.

Reason Details
Brumation Like bears hibernate, Bearded Dragons brumate in cool times.
Temperature Their terrarium might be too cold, making them sleepy.
Age Baby dragons sleep a lot to grow, just like babies.
Health Issues Sick dragons can seem sleepy if they don’t feel well.
Shedding Growing new skin is hard work. It can make them tired.
Diet Bad food or not enough can make them lack energy.

These reasons are normal. But they can also be signs to watch for.

Brumation: What Is It?

Brumation is like a long nap for reptiles.

When it gets cold, your dragon might sleep to stay safe.

This can last for weeks or months.

Too Cold?

Bearded dragons need warmth to stay awake.

Check the temperature in their home to make sure it’s right.

If it’s too cold, they may need more heat.

Babies Need Extra Sleep

Baby bearded dragons grow fast.

They need a lot of sleep to help their bodies get bigger.

This sleeping is very important for them.

When Should I Worry?

If your dragon sleeps too much, it could be sick.

Here’s what to watch for:

  • Lack of eating
  • Not moving much
  • Weight loss
  • Odd poop

If you see these signs, take your dragon to a vet.

Why is My Bearded Dragon Sleeping So Much?

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Shedding Skin

When bearded dragons grow, they shed their old skin.

This takes a lot of energy from them.

During this time, they may rest more.

The Right Diet

Food gives your dragon energy.

Be sure they eat well to have enough power to play.

If you think their diet isn’t good, ask a vet for help.

Keeping Your Dragon Happy

To help your dragon, watch their sleep and behavior.

Make sure their home is warm and they have good food.

If they still sleep a lot, talk to someone who knows a lot about dragons.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Why Is My Bearded Dragon Sleeping So Much?

Is Your Bearded Dragon Sleeping Too Much?

Bearded dragons often sleep more due to seasonal changes, such as brumation during cooler months, directly influencing their sleep patterns. Their need for sleep can also increase with age, much like in humans.

What Causes Excessive Bearded Dragon Sleep?

Excessive sleep in bearded dragons can signal potential health issues, like parasites, an inadequate diet, or a suboptimal habitat setup that fails to mimic their natural environment closely.

When To Worry About Bearded Dragon Sleep?

Consult a vet immediately if your bearded dragon’s extended sleep is coupled with symptoms like lack of appetite, lethargy, or unusual behavior, as these may indicate serious health concerns.


It’s okay if your bearded dragon sleeps more sometimes.

But always keep an eye out and care for them well.

If you do this, your scaly friend will be happy and healthy!

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