Why is My Bearded Dragon Scratching the Glass?

Bearded dragons may scratch the glass due to boredom, wanting attention, or trying to explore. It could also be a sign of stress or improper habitat conditions.

Providing adequate mental stimulation and ensuring a suitable environment can help address this behavior and keep your pet healthy and happy. Bearded dragons are fascinating reptiles known for their unique behaviors and interactions with their environment. However, if you’ve noticed your bearded dragon scratching at the glass of its enclosure, you may be concerned about why this behavior is occurring.

It’s important to understand that this action can signify various reasons, ranging from sheer boredom to underlying stress or discomfort. By delving into the possible causes of this behavior and taking steps to address them, you can ensure your bearded dragon’s well-being and create a more enriching environment for your scaly friend.

Why is My Bearded Dragon Scratching the Glass?

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Reasons For Scratching The Glass

Understanding why your bearded dragon scratches the glass of its enclosure is crucial for their well-being. Here are some main causes:

Inadequate Habitat

Improper tank setup such as small size or lack of hiding spots can lead to glass scratching.

Territorial Behavior

Bearded dragons may see their reflection in the glass and interpret it as a rival, triggering scratching.

Boredom And Lack Of Stimulation

Insufficient enrichment in the form of toys or activities can cause your dragon to display this behavior.

Recognizing Signs Of Glass Scratching

Recognizing signs of glass scratching is important for understanding your bearded dragon’s behavior. It can be a sign of distress or discomfort, and recognizing these signs can help you address any underlying issues. Here are some common indicators to look out for.

Repetitive Clawing

Bearded dragons may scratch at the glass repeatedly, signaling that they are seeking an escape or are feeling stressed. This behavior can indicate a need for more stimulation, space, or a change in their environment.

Aggressive Movements

If your bearded dragon is scratching at the glass aggressively, it could be a sign of territorial behavior or frustration. They may feel threatened by their reflection or perceive the glass as a barrier to something they desire. Understanding their body language is crucial in addressing their needs.


Restlessness, such as pacing back and forth in front of the glass, can indicate boredom or a lack of mental and physical stimulation. Providing enrichment activities and ensuring ample space in their enclosure can help alleviate this behavior.

Addressing Scratching Behavior

Bearded dragons scratching the glass could be due to territorial behavior or trying to communicate. Providing enrichment, such as a larger habitat or hiding spots, can help address this behavior and keep your bearded dragon happy.

Improving Habitat Conditions

Bearded dragons may scratch at the glass due to inadequate habitat conditions. Ensure the tank size is spacious enough, with hiding spots, and proper heating and lighting. Check for any potential stressors such as overcrowding or loud noises. —

Providing Mental And Physical Stimulation

Engage your bearded dragon in mental and physical stimulation to reduce glass scratching. Offer a variety of enriching activities like climbing structures, toys, and novel objects to explore. Ensure a balanced diet and frequent opportunities for exercise and basking. —

Handling And Bonding

Commence handling sessions to establish trust and reduce stress. Gently interact with your bearded dragon, allowing them to become accustomed to your touch. Avoid sudden movements and respect their boundaries to foster a bond based on trust and familiarity.
Why is My Bearded Dragon Scratching the Glass?

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Seeking Veterinary Advice

Bearded dragons scratching at their enclosure’s glass can be a concerning behavior for reptile owners. If your bearded dragon is engaging in persistent glass scratching, it may signal underlying issues that require attention. Seeking veterinary advice is crucial to ensure your pet’s well-being.

Persistent Glass Scratching

Bearded dragons that repeatedly scratch at the glass may be trying to communicate discomfort or stress. Persistent glass scratching can be a sign of environmental inadequacies or health problems that need professional evaluation.

Accompanied Symptoms

  • Loss of appetite
  • Unusual lethargy
  • Changes in bowel movements
  • Abnormal skin shedding

If your bearded dragon’s glass scratching is accompanied by any of these symptoms, it’s paramount to consult a reptile veterinarian promptly. Early intervention can prevent potential health complications.

Why is My Bearded Dragon Scratching the Glass?

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Frequently Asked Questions For Why Is My Bearded Dragon Scratching The Glass?

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Clawing At The Glass?

Bearded dragons may claw at glass due to boredom, wanting attention, or trying to escape. Provide a stimulating environment with toys and regular interaction to alleviate this behavior.

How Do I Stop My Bearded Dragon From Glass Surfing?

To stop your bearded dragon from glass surfing, provide ample enrichment, hide areas, and a proper basking spot. Monitor tank temperatures and adjust lighting. Interact with your dragon regularly to reduce stress.

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Looking At The Glass?

The bearded dragon might be looking at the glass due to reflection or trying to escape. Ensure proper lighting and interaction to reduce this behavior.


If your bearded dragon is scratching the glass, it may indicate stress or boredom. Providing enrichment, proper lighting, diet, and handling can help alleviate this behavior. Understanding your dragon’s needs and providing a suitable environment will promote their well-being and prevent glass scratching behaviors.

Keep your pet happy!

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