Why is My Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing?

Understanding Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing: Reasons and Solutions

If you’ve noticed your bearded dragon scrabbling against the glass of their tank, don’t worry! This behavior is known as glass surfing, and it’s something many bearded dragon owners see. But why do they do this? Let’s explore some likely reasons and offer solutions to keep your scaly friend happy and calm.

Main Reasons for Glass Surfing in Bearded Dragons

Understanding your bearded dragon’s behaviors is vital for their wellbeing. Here are common reasons why your bearded dragon might be glass surfing:

  • Reflection: They might see their reflection and think it’s another dragon.
  • Stress: Your pet could be stressed from their environment.
  • Boredom: They may need more stimulation or exercise.
  • Small Enclosure: Their home might be too small for them.
  • Hunger: They could be looking for more food.
  • Breeding Behavior: They might be looking for a mate.
Why is My Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing?

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Detailed Explanations and Solutions

Let’s dive in even deeper to understand these reasons. We’ll also share solutions to help reduce or stop glass surfing.

The Reflection Issue

Reason: Bearded dragons might not understand reflections. This can make your dragon think another dragon is in their space. This can cause them to surf the glass.

Solution: Cover the sides of the tank with backgrounds or use non-reflective materials. This will help them feel more secure.

Stress Factors

Reason: Many things can stress your bearded dragon. Too much noise, other pets, or even changes in their tank can make them upset.

Solution: Create a calm environment. Make sure they have a routine. This can help them feel safe and relaxed.

Combatting Boredom

Reason: Bearded dragons need to explore and play. Without fun activities, they might get bored. This can lead them to glass surf.

Solution: Add more toys and climbing structures in their tank. Let them out for supervised exploration time. This can keep them entertained.

Addressing Enclosure Size

Reason: A small tank can make your dragon feel trapped. They need space to move and grow.

Solution: Upgrade to a larger tank as your dragon grows. This will give them more freedom.

Hunger Pangs

Reason: Your bearded dragon might be hungry. This could lead them to search for food by surfing the glass.

Solution: Review their diet with a vet. Make sure they get the right amount and type of food.

Breeding Behaviors

Reason: If your dragon wants to mate, they might glass surf. This is their way of looking for a partner.

Solution: If it’s breeding season, this might be normal. Make sure they have enough space and enrichment.

Why is My Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing?

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Tank Environment and Enrichment

Making sure your bearded dragon’s home is just right is very important. Here are a few additional tips:

  • UV Lighting: Provide proper UV light for healthy bones and mood.
  • Temperature: Keep the tank warm, but with cooler spots to relax.
  • Substrate: Use a comfortable and safe floor covering in their tank.

Frequently Asked Questions For Why Is My Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing?

What Causes Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing?

Glass surfing, a behavior observed in bearded dragons, is often triggered by stress, a reflection, or the need for a larger habitat. Their environment and internal stressors play significant roles in prompting this action as they seek escape or attention.

How To Prevent Glass Surfing In Bearded Dragons?

Ensuring a proper tank size, enriching the habitat with hides and climbing opportunities, and maintaining a consistent routine can significantly reduce the occurrence of glass surfing in bearded dragons by offering a comfortable and stimulating environment.

Can Glass Surfing Affect Bearded Dragon Health?

Frequent glass surfing can sometimes lead to stress, which in turn could potentially weaken the immune system of bearded dragons, making them more susceptible to various health issues. Monitoring and addressing the root cause is essential for their wellbeing.


It’s normal to worry when you see your bearded dragon glass surfing. But with understanding and action, you can help. by addressing their needs, you create a happy and safe home for your bearded dragon.

Please share this post with other bearded dragon lovers! Help everyone keep their scaly friends joyful and at ease. Remember, a happy dragon is a healthy dragon!

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