Why Does My Rabbit Have a Double Chin?

Why Does My Rabbit Have a Double Chin?

Have you noticed your adorable furry friend sporting what seems like a double chin?

Understanding Your Rabbit’s Anatomy

Rabbits have a unique anatomy that includes a dewlap, a fold of skin found under their chin.

1. Obesity:

One of the primary reasons for a double chin in rabbits is obesity.

2. Pregnancy:

In female rabbits, a dewlap can become more prominent during pregnancy.

3. Dental Issues:

Dental problems can lead to reduced activity and overgrowth of teeth resulting in a double chin.

4. Health Conditions:

Underlying health issues such as abscesses or tumors can also cause swelling under a rabbit’s chin.

Why Does My Rabbit Have a Double Chin?

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How to Address the Issue:

  1. Consult a rabbit-savvy veterinarian to determine the cause of the double chin.
  2. Ensure your rabbit is on a proper diet to manage weight and prevent obesity.
  3. Provide regular dental check-ups and appropriate chew toys to maintain dental health.
  4. Monitor your rabbit’s behavior and eating habits for any signs of discomfort or pain.
Why Does My Rabbit Have a Double Chin?

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Frequently Asked Questions For Why Does My Rabbit Have A Double Chin?

Why Is My Rabbit Gaining A Double Chin?

As rabbits age, they may gain fat deposits under their chin. Ensure a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Can Health Issues Cause A Rabbit’s Double Chin?

Yes, dental problems or infections may cause swelling in a rabbit’s chin. Consult a veterinarian promptly.

How Can I Prevent My Rabbit From Getting A Double Chin?

Monitor your rabbit’s diet, provide ample space for exercise, and schedule regular veterinary check-ups for early detection.


While a double chin in rabbits can be a cause for concern, it is essential to identify the root cause and take appropriate actions to ensure your pet’s well-being.

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