10 Reasons Why Ball Pythons Make Great Pets

There are some qualities that make a ball python a good pet and widely regarded as one of the best snakes for beginners. Ball pythons are equally popular amongst experienced ones. Usual breeds are manageable to buy. Rare breeds are difficult to find and moreover they could be costly.

Day by day they are getting popular for their calm nature. As a weekly basis eater you need not to worry about feeding them often.

10 Reasons Why Ball Pythons Make Great Pets

1. Low Maintenance

Compared to four-legged companions, they are lower maintenance. They are even a good choice among other reptiles too. They can be trained to accept frozen mice. This is a pet that you don’t need to hire a sitter for. A male ball python would be better for your housing situation if you’re tight on space. You don’t have to worry about training them.

2. Lower Attention

They do not need much attention from their buyers to live. Ball python is an easy pet to buy that can fit in the busiest lifestyle. Owners can go on extended travels without worrying. Male ball pythons are positively tiny. Female ball pythons are notably larger than their male counterparts but need less attention. You don’t have to worry about grooming them.

3. Low Food Cost

They don’t eat huge prey items. They need low food costs in many ways and only need to be fed once every week. Ball pythons defecate infrequently as well. Snakes aren’t capable of feeding in the same way other animals can. The size and price of the mouse or rat will increase as your ball python grows.

4. Well-Disposed to Handling

Children should be cautious when handling them. Ball pythons are accepting physical contact with their owners nowadays. Their natural disposition can be a huge relief. Good for snake owners with children that want to touch a snake. Their biting is not that painful. You don’t have to keep them busy.

5. Long Lifespan

Ball pythons have a lifespan of 20-30 years. that allows for decades of building a bond with an animal. Many things can change in twenty years. Ball pythons are adaptable and agreeable pets.

6. Take Up Less Room

Ball pythons are easy to accommodate. The average size is much more manageable. The average size of the adult python is 3-5 feet long. Adult Ball pythons can comfortably live in a 40-gallon terrarium whereas babies only need a 10-gallon terrarium. Female ball pythons are larger than their male counterparts.

7. Can Live in a variety of climates

Ball Pythons can be found all over the world in a variety of climates. Ball pythons can happily live their entire lives without being handled.

8. Affordable to Feed

Their size has a direct relation to how much it costs to feed them. They are affordable to feed them. Bigger snakes require costly food. The size of the prey should increase as well as the snake grows. Buyers can buy cheap feeder mice as their food source. Ball pythons eat on a weekly basis. They accept pre-killed mice.

9. Cleanliness

You do not have to worry about fur making an unwelcome appearance. No surprise accidents in your home, extra vacuuming or window cleaning. Ball python poop has a less offensive odor.

10. Being Polite

Ball pythons stay much too small to cause injury to any human being. Their maximum length is six feet. Those things are not dangerous.

Ball Python as Pets Pros and Cons


  • They do not generally grow very large
  • Gentle temperaments as adults
  • Generally do not trigger allergies
  • They can be kept in relatively small habitats
  • Not eat very much
  • Owner does not need to spend a lot of time
  • Do not get sick often


  • Can escape inside a home and may be very difficult to locate
  • Difficulties arise when a ball python grows much larger
  • Some pythons may refuse to eat to their own detriment
  • May have to resort to force feeding the python
  • Not that playful
  • Difficult to find python vet

What Do You Need to Know Before Getting a Ball Python?

Choosing a pet snake depends on some factors-


There are no ways that would make a ball python a poor choice. Considering a snake as a pet, cost is an issue. We know that they are less costly than cats. All snakes can be considered inexpensive pets. Costs are involved with food, housing and medical attention. Initial cost in medical bills down the line.

Taking Care:

It can fit into the owner’s lifestyle. Some are lower maintenance than others. This allows for an approach to snake ownership. Some need a special environment. They are sensitive to changes in lighting, temperature or humidity. They need an attentive experienced caretaker. And might not fit the lifestyle of the amature person. It is important that their owner is prepared for a 20 year look after.


They give a balanced pet experience that is different from owning pets like fish. Owners are not in it simply to the beaten path. Owning a snake is fun. Real fun is that, owners find in their snakes the patterns and colors. It includes the behavior of a snake. A shy snake spends the majority of its time in hiding. Anti-social snakes have the potential to be a good pet for you.

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10 Types of Ball Pythons That Make Great Pets

01. Yellow Belly Ball Python

It has a yellowish tint belly that looks like a standard ball python. Such a ball python costs $50 that is cheap compared to other ones.

02. Woma Ball Python

They are a basic morph. They are difficult to breed and so costly. An average one costs about  $250. Female ones die in a short time and make it difficult for younger ones. They produce unpredictable offspring.

03. Super Blast Ball Python

It is a very popular morph. By breeding between Pinstripe and Super Pastel we have such nice ones. It has bright yellow color and black vertical lines. Such a rare species costs about $400.

04. Stormtrooper Ball Python

It comes with white with dark markings. We have this type in 2015. At times the black pattern overtook the white base. Very difficult to find such ones. 

05. Scaleless Ball Python

It has skin. The Scaleless ball python morph has no scales. A few of them have scales. The skin feels fleshy and for its demand, they cost about $2,500.

06. Piebald Ball Python

It has an uneven pattern, a white base and patches of color. They have a normal head.  Most Piebalds and costs vary according to the ratio of white in the snake. You can have those between $300 to $400.

07. Pastel Ball Python

You can have this in a normal pattern. Mostly pale green eye color, white lips on a pale head. Buy those for less than $100 each.

08. Mojave Ball Python

It was bred in 2000. Used to produce patterns for future breeding. This morph is available for $100 today.

09. Enchi Ball Python

It is difficult to understand this morph. Comes with blushing on their head pattern. Available for $100 or less and has orange sides. Gets evident as they age.

10. Cinnamon Ball Python

The price is less than $100. Created by crossing two Cinnamons. Dark cinnamon color with no markings. Their color fades with age.

What Are 3 Fun Facts About Ball Pythons?

Here are 3 fun facts about ball pythons:

  1. Ball pythons are named after their defensive behavior: When they feel threatened, ball pythons will curl up into a ball with their head tucked in the middle. This makes them look like a ball, hence the name.
  2. Ball pythons are not venomous: They kill their prey by constriction, wrapping their bodies around their prey and squeezing until they suffocate.
  3. Ball pythons come in a variety of colors and patterns: There are over 300 different morphs of ball pythons, each with its own unique color and pattern. This makes it possible to find a ball python that is perfect for your personality and taste.


Ball python is a good pet nowadays. They are medium in size and make such great pets. But a rare ball python can cost several thousands of dollars. There’s a lot to like about ball pythons now. Ball pythons offer everything that a beginner or casual snake hobbyist could want.

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