Is Cypress Mulch Substrate Good for Ball Pythons? Explained

Yes, cypress mulch is a good substrate for ball pythons. It is absorbent, holds moisture well, and is naturally resistant to mold and fungus growth. Cypress mulch also has a natural woody scent that ball pythons seem to enjoy.

Newspaper or paper towels, Cypress mulch, Aspen, Bark chips, shredded bark, Coconut fiber, Sphagnum moss mixed with another substrate and Tropical soil mix are widely used.

Is Cypress Mulch Substrate Good for Ball Pythons?

Here are some of the benefits of using cypress mulch for ball pythons:

  • Holds moisture well: Cypress mulch is very absorbent, which helps to maintain the humidity levels that ball pythons need. This is important for preventing dehydration and respiratory infections.
  • Resists mold and fungus growth: Cypress mulch is naturally resistant to mold and fungus growth, which helps to keep your ball python’s enclosure clean and healthy.
  • Natural scent: Cypress mulch has a natural woody scent that ball pythons seem to enjoy. This can help to create a more natural environment for your snake.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when using cypress mulch for ball pythons:

  • Chunk size: Cypress mulch comes in a variety of chunk sizes. For ball pythons, it is best to use a medium-chunk cypress mulch. This will help to prevent your snake from ingesting any of the mulch and causing an impaction.
  • Spot cleaning: It is important to spot clean your ball python’s enclosure regularly, especially if it is using cypress mulch. This will help to remove any waste and prevent the development of mold and fungus.
  • Full substrate change: It is recommended to change the entire substrate in your ball python’s enclosure every 3-4 months. This will help to keep the substrate clean and healthy.

Cypress Mulch Substrate Review

This is a good substrate. It is not as dusty as some other bark substrates. All in all it is relatively congruent in size. It also holds moisture well, allowing for a good humidity level and does not get moldy with constant misting.

Bake it at 250F to 300F degrees, to kill any hitchhikers that may come with it and then let it cool completely before adding it to a reptile tank or anything like that.

Mist it with water but under the heat lamp it soon dries out in a few hours. Once it dries it becomes very dusty so could cause respiratory issues if not humidified.

Cypress Mulch Substrate Pros and Cons


  • Great product to raise the humidity of snakes cage
  • Cleans really good at the time of removal
  • Easy to scoop when it needs to be changed
  • Hides crickets nicely if served
  • Great in price compared to others
  • Made of eco earth stuff for mother earth
  • Available on Amazon for home delivery


  • Need to use a humidifier to adjust humidity
  • Over time it becomes very powdery
  • Powder sticks to food that go into pets system
  • Creates plumes of dust that cover every surface in the room

Customer Reviews of Cypress Mulch

I use it for my ball python. It is relatively easy to clean food and other messes. I have been using it for about two months and the dust has been substantially reduced and it does not stick to his food so easily.

My adult snake has also started digging and burrowing since I put this down for her. She seems to especially appreciate it. Crickets can hide in empty spaces. It doesn’t stick to the body of the ball python.

After using it, I put the garbage in my garden. It needs very little for my tank.

My Verdict

Holding some moisture reduces the dust generated that could be a problem for some people. Helps with the humidity and it makes a great difference. It raises the humidity, helping with shedding and helping the snake’s general behavior.

All in all it’s a good product for what it is and I would recommend it for any reptile keeper needing to raise humidity.

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Is Cypress Mulch Safe for Ball Python?

It’s okay as long as it doesn’t have pine, cedar, or fertilizers. In that case, a well renowned manufacturing company should be chosen. They should be cut in such a way that it doesn’t pinch to pets skin.

Powdered cypress mulch must be avoided as they can block pets’ respiratory systems and get into their food that can make sickness.

What Mulch is best for Ball Pythons?

Bigger pieces of coconut husk hold humidity better. They are a good source for making a bed for ball python. Cypress mulch naturally creates pores into the bed.

This makes a good hiding place to play. Mulch should be freshly made to avoid growing mites.


There’s no hard and fast rule for what will work every time, as a lot of the equation depends on your setup and what your heat sources are.

There are other options if the ball python doesn’t like it. Artificial substances should not be the first choice to pick as bedding for your pet.

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