How Long Can a Baby Ball Python Go Without Eating?

Most of the baby ball pythons will not eat for a few days after they are born. This is normal and they should not be forced to fed. Once they start eating, they should be offered food every 5-7 days.

Ball pythons choose a lot at the time of eating. Sometimes they start starving of their own. They are not like our usual cattle to raise them domestically.

As they like to starve, it is important to know the habit of their food if we want them as our pets.

How long can a baby ball python go without eating?

A baby ball python goes without eating for about six months. They are bound to go without eating for long periods for food scarcity. Their low energy demands help in the wild. Captive ball pythons can go anywhere for many months without eating.

Why is my baby ball python not eating?

Baby ball pythons survive without food for long periods for food supply scarcity. They are well suited to handle the demands of the food supply.

They can go without eating for months, low energy demands and can lower even more during hunger strikes. It decreases metabolic rate by up to 70% during times of starvation.

How often do baby ball pythons eat?

A python eats once every two weeks at one time. Baby ball pythons should eat more as they are growing. Feed them each week for one time. It is okay to wait longer to feed him again the next time if it doesn’t want to eat weekly. Wait longer in between feedings to prevent obesity issues.

How do I know if my baby ball python is hungry?

They act weird being hungry. The baby ball python focuses on you when you are near the enclosure. It can prowl the front of the tank and be more active. Flicking its tongue more often is a common sign.

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How do I get my baby ball python to eat?

They will not eat till they are sick or in need of a good habitat. If so, take it to a vet and check right after purchasing him to verify that he is fit.

Feeding Ball Python

Ensure that you have the enclosure set up correctly. Frozen thawed rodents are the best things to feed ball pythons. Warm them up to room temperature before feeding the snake.

The ideal size for an adult is a juvenile mouse or tiny rat. Newborns need smaller rodents.

How long can a 2 year old ball python go without eating?

We must feed them although they can survive for long. They know best when it comes to how often it needs to eat. Follow a regular feeding schedule that is appropriate for them.

Feed a 2 year old ball python every 1 to 2 weeks. offer at least every 14 days until it accepts if it refuses to eat. If your snake appears overweight, wait a little longer.

How long can a 6 month old ball python go without eating?

Somes a 6 month old ball python that refuses food like adult ball pythons. They should typically not go without eating for more than 2-4 weeks as they are much smaller and have less body fat to live on during starvation. Carefully monitor it to determine if it is healthy if your baby ball python refuses to eat.

What should I feed a baby ball python?

Ball pythons eat everything from rats to birds. Baby ball pythons eat nothing but animal protein like adult ball pythons. The prey must be the appropriate size for a baby python.

Pinky mice, large crickets and fuzzy rats are a good diet of baby ball pythons. The ideal size for prey is smaller than the snake’s body.

What size food should a baby ball python eat?

The snake consumes prey that is as wide as the widest part of the snake. It can consume a mouse that is 2 cm wide without any trouble if the middle of his body is 2 cm wide.

Some snakes prefer smaller prey. You need to experiment with prey size to see which it prefers. Feed the smaller prey rather than larger one. The size and amount of food depend on their life stage.


How long can a baby ball python last without food?

Baby ball pythons can easily survive up to a half of a year without food. It is not good to skip that many meals. Ball pythons eat mice from pinkies to small adults as they grow. They need to eat twice per week to keep up with their metabolism. It is good for their overall health.

How long can a baby ball python survive without eating?

A ball python can lower its metabolic rate by up to 70 percent. They use low levels of energy to survive months. A baby python has less fat stored into them as they are growing. How long they can survive depends on how much body fat they have. That could be from a couple of months to six months top.

How often do you feed 6 month old ball pythons?

Six month old ball pythons are at the peak of their growth period that’s why they need more feedings than adult ball pythons. Feed it once in 7 days. Offer it food weekly although it may not eat this often. Observe your snake’s appetite to give it food.

When should I worry about my baby ball python not eating?

They refuse to eat for different reasons. It could be a severe medical condition or simple things. One of the reasons is that they are too cold. They may lose their vital energy and not move at all. In that case, consult with a doctor.

Will a baby ball python starve itself?

Yes, a baby ball python can starve themselves to death. It could be for stress or other illness. This can take several months. Leave it alone for 10 days or so and then try feeding at twilight or dawn.


If your pet ball python is refusing to eat, determine the possible cause like shedding, cold temps, stress, overhandling or changes in diet. If the ball python isn’t eating, take it to the vet to make sure no other problems are going on.

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