How Can I Tell if My Ball Python Is Hungry?

With some observation, we can tell if the ball python is hungry or not. It reacts more than usual when hungry. It wants to draw everyone’s attention in many ways. After serving the meal, it takes it in and flicks the tongue frequently.

If a ball python is hungry, it will typically strike at its food and attempt to constrict it.It often tries to escape from its enclosure and acts aggressively.

How Can I Tell if My Ball Python is Hungry?

Ball python will move along the front of the enclosure more often at the time of hunger trying to get your attention. It will try to the front of the enclosure to escape something inside of its enclosure.

The snake will like to smell what’s nearby by flickering their forked tongues in and out of their mouths. They feel most comfortable if there are places they can go to when digesting food or wanting to sleep.

Snake buddy is looking for food if it is moving in and out of hides regularly without staying inside.

There are a few things to look for to determine if your ball python is hungry.

  • Body language. A hungry ball python may become more active and restless. They may also start to explore their enclosure more often.
  • Eyes. The eyes of a hungry ball python will become brighter and more alert.
  • Nostril flaring. A hungry ball python may flare their nostrils in an attempt to detect the scent of food.
  • Grooming behavior. A hungry ball python may start to groom themselves more often. This is a sign that they are trying to make themselves more attractive to potential prey.
  • Weight. If your ball python is losing weight, it is a sign that they are not getting enough food.

How Do I Know if My Ball Python is Still Hungry?

After feeding, it could still be hungry. The ball python can also be a sign of needing to be fed if your snake sometimes likes to soak in water. A snake is more likely to do this after it has been fed.

It is a good sign they want more food if it seems far more interested in you than usual. You should feed your animal as it’s used to a specific schedule.

Signs of Hunger in Ball Pythons

Your snake’s health isn’t the best if it shed its skin several times a year rather than one full shed and your snake isn’t eating. They could have an issue such as a parasite if it suddenly appears more lethargic than normal and refuses to eat despite being hungry.

Your pet may breathe with its mouth open if it got pus leaking from its mouth being hungry. Respiratory infection, nose drainage, and mouth breathing are all possible signs of being ill and hunger.

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How to Feed a Ball Python

How to feed a ball python

Feed your snake correctly before going on vacation. Younger snakes feed more than older snakes and a solid feeding schedule anticipates when it will be fed. They usually like mice or rats. Some of them feed on insects, amphibians, etc.

Frozen options are widely available in markets. In the wild, they have no idea when their next meal would be and that is why they are opportunistic eaters. he would quickly become obese if you fed him every time he acts hungry.

Here are some additional tips for feeding your ball python:

  • Offer them food at the same time each day. This will help them to develop a regular feeding schedule.
  • Offer them food that is appropriate for their size. Do not offer them prey that is too large or too small.
  • Make sure the food is thawed and warm. Ball pythons are ectotherms, so they need their food to be warm in order to digest it properly.
  • Offer them food in a quiet and secure location. This will help them to feel safe and comfortable while they are eating.

What Time of Day Should I Feed My Ball Python?

Ball pythons are nocturnal so they do best if offered their prey item at dark and that means at night. Try to make a habit of feeding them according to a specific timetable.

This way they will learn when to take food. They can also eat during the day if hungry. Leave a ball python alone to eat and try not to disturb it at feeding time.

How Often Should I Feed My Ball Python?

Feed it once a week. They get more active before feeding day. Try to say stick to a feeding schedule. That is good for its health. Little ones will need food more often than old ones.

Sometimes they can go for a couple of weeks without eating. If it goes without food for a couple of months, it is required to contact a specialist.


Different species require different setups as snakes live all over the world in different environments. As a result of stress, your snake is refusing to eat.

Make sure that its environment correctly adjusts to its natural habitat. You will get used to learning about the time when it needs to be fed.

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