Do Bearded Dragons Have Teeth?

Do Bearded Dragons Have Teeth?

Bearded dragons are fascinating creatures that capture the hearts of many reptile enthusiasts. One common question that often arises regarding these unique reptiles is whether or not they have teeth.

Teeth of Bearded Dragons

Yes, bearded dragons do possess teeth. Bearded dragons are equipped with small, sharp teeth that line their jaws. These teeth are essential for their survival in the wild, aiding in activities such as catching and consuming prey.

Types Of Teeth

The teeth of bearded dragons are known as acrodont teeth. Acrodont teeth are attached to the top of the jawbone rather than being embedded within the bone, a characteristic that is unique to certain reptiles like bearded dragons.

Functions Of Teeth

Bearded dragons use their teeth for various purposes. Their teeth play a critical role in capturing, holding, and consuming their food. When hunting insects or other small prey, the bearded dragon’s teeth help to secure and break down the food into smaller, digestible pieces.

Dental Health

Maintaining the dental health of bearded dragons is crucial. Owners need to ensure proper husbandry practices and diet to avoid dental issues that could impact the overall health of their pet.

Implications for Care

Knowing that bearded dragons have teeth underscores the importance of providing appropriate food items that can be easily consumed and digested. Dusting prey with calcium supplements can help promote dental health and overall well-being.

Common Dental Problems

Bearded dragons can experience dental issues such as overgrown teeth or broken teeth. These problems can lead to difficulty eating and impact the animal’s quality of life. Regular veterinary check-ups are essential to monitor and address any dental concerns.

Do Bearded Dragons Have Teeth?


Do Bearded Dragons Have Teeth?


Frequently Asked Questions Of Do Bearded Dragons Have Teeth?

Do Bearded Dragons Have Teeth?

Yes, bearded dragons have small, sharp teeth designed to grip and chew their food.

What Do Bearded Dragons Use Their Teeth For?

Bearded dragons use their teeth for holding and tearing their food to aid in digestion.

How Many Teeth Do Bearded Dragons Have?

Bearded dragons have approximately 60-80 teeth, which are continually replaced throughout their lives.


Bearded dragons do have teeth, and these teeth serve important functions in their daily lives. Understanding the dental anatomy and needs of bearded dragons is crucial for their care and well-being. By providing proper nutrition and monitoring their dental health, owners can ensure that their bearded dragon thrives in captivity.

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