Do Ball Pythons Eat Lizards? Get the Facts!

Lizards are eaten by ball pythons as they are found in the same locations where they live. They are required to have varieties of feed like mammals or birds. Only lizards will give a specific type of nutrition that is not enough.

There are thousands of species in the lizard family. Some of them are poisonous to ball pythons. A little amount could be alright but having a large amount of poison can even take their lives.

Moreover, home raisen ball pythons are not that immune to fight against microbes and poison. We should make a list of essential food that can be given to ball python.

Do Ball Pythons Eat Lizards?

Yes, ball pythons eat lizards in general. But lizards are cold-blooded animals. This is not a tasty treat for them. Most of them are safe for consumption. With their heightened sense of smell, they can pick a spot where prey belongs.

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Can I Feed My Ball Python a Lizard?

Yes, you can feed your ball python lizards. But you should give them warm-blooded animals. A chart should be made properly so that they have what is best for them. For different interactions, it is easy for ball pythons to hunt and kill lizards.

Can Ball Pythons Live With Lizards?

No, a ball python cannot live only on lizards. They should live on hot-blooded ones. Lizards can meet hunger but not all the satisfactions. They prefer to wait and ambush their prey and lizards can fit in such a category.


Although ball pythons can have lizards from time to time, it should not be made a habit. They need varieties of elements to complete their nutrition. The snake feeds almost exclusively on lizards.

Sometimes with their heightened sense of smell, snakes can pick a spot where prey is likely to be.

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