Can Ball Pythons Eat Frogs? Get the Facts!

A frog is an amphibious animal that used to live in the same environment where ball pythons live. But this is not in their favorite menu. Wild ball pythons have more varieties of prey to feed on than their captive counterparts.

You must do thorough research on the animal before getting a pet. Frogs contain vitamins and minerals including calcium that is necessary for healthy bones and muscles.

There are several breeds of frogs that are safe to feed to ball pythons.

Can Ball Pythons Eat Frogs?

Ball pythons usually do not eat frogs in the wild. It is definitely not recommended although snakes can eat frogs. To sense the body heat of their prey, they have labial pits that help them.

The amount that you feed them will vary depending on the age and size of your ball python. The snake will just swallow the frog whole.

Frogs are a good source of moisture that is important for hydration. Frogs are inexpensive compared to other snake food options.

Do Ball Pythons Eat Fire Belly Frogs?

Ball pythons do not eat fire belly frogs in general. One common animal ball python owners consider feeding their pets is a rat.

If a prey comes in front of your snake, it won’t recognize them as a food source as frogs are cold-blooded. The frog will escape or attack the snake’s head if it is not swallowed immediately.

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Can I Feed My Ball Python Frogs?

You should not feed frogs to your ball python. Most ball python owners include mice and rats in their snakes’ diets. Frogs aren’t part of their natural diet. All snakes are carnivores and so the diet of each species varies.

A snake strikes at the frog and catches it with its mouth. The frog will be digested over time. Ball pythons can eat an animal larger of its size. They can swallow something as large as a frog.

Frog skin contains collagen that can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Frogs are relatively easy to find and purchase, making them a convenient food source.

Why Do Ball Pythons Eat Frogs?

Frogs are easy prey for snakes. Ball pythons can eat frogs if they are tricked into doing so. There are some other kinds of prey you can add into the mix. Ball pythons tend to prefer rodents.

A snake can eat a frog in areas where these two species coexist. But they can not do so for long periods due to their inability to digest it. Frogs deliver a variety of nutrients that are essential for ball pythons.

Frog eyes are rich in carotenoids that can help to improve vision. Frogs are a good size for most pythons that give a hearty meal without being too large or difficult to digest.

What Happens If a Ball Pythons Eats a Frog?

Some frogs are poisonous. They can harm the ball python. Both ball python and frog are cold blooded animals. Frogs can contain such microbes that can infect ball pythons. Snakes can’t chew food and swallow it as they do not have teeth.

A snake will try to avoid eating frogs as they are very tricky targets. It is important to thoroughly clean any frogs before feeding them to your snake.

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What Should I Feed My Ball Python?

What Should I Feed My Ball Python

Giving them a variety of prey to eat in captivity will ensure that they do not grow to be picky eaters. In the wild, they’ll occasionally eat small birds if they can’t find any other prey.

Many other animals are easier prey for a snake to hunt down besides frogs. They eat birds, small deer, goats, rats, mice and lizards if the chance should come by.

How Do I Know if My Ball Python is Hungry?

Ball python usually eats once a week. Before it gets hungry, it moves its tongue more often. When you take it into your hand, you will feel colder than before.

It will try to attract your attention and come to the place where it usually gets its prey more often.

What Can Ball Pythons Eat?

Ball pythons in the wild often feed on different kinds of small mammals, rodents, birds, and lizards. Baby ball pythons should be fed fuzzy mice for their size.

Most ball python owners feed their snakes mice and rats. They have very strict dietary requirements that make them unable to subsist on another animal’s diet.

How Often Should You Feed Your Ball Python?

Ball pythons are considered obligate carnivores. They don’t need a food supply like domestic mammals. They need food according to their age and size. It is enough to feed them prey once a week. Give them the proper size of prey that won’t bother their mouth.

Why Does Your Ball Python May Not Want to Eat?

Every animal has its unique requirements to stay healthy in captivity that including a proper diet. Offering your snake a variety of prey options ensures that they meet their nutritional needs. It may refuse food for lack of appetite. Illness is another issue to be considered.

What Can You Feed a Ball Python Besides Mice?

Give them a variety of prey to feed on like lizards, birds, rats, striped mice, mammals, amphibians, jerboas and gerbils. Ball Pythons feed basically on mice in the wild. There are a couple of other animals that your ball python might enjoy eating.

Can You Feed Ball Pythons Fish?

The sizes of feeder animals should not be bigger than the midsection of ball python. Alternative food for them includes chicks, ducklings, squirrel gobbles, hamsters and even fish. Ball pythons living close to water can feed on small fishes.

Feed ball python fish after warming it above room temperature but not all fish types are good for them. It should be given to them occasionally; they don’t eat it often in the wild.


Many ball python owners are often bothered with the question of what to feed their pet snakes.

Females live on rodents as they are ground dwellers and male pythons spend more time in trees and feed on birds. As ball python can eat a frog, that does not mean it will eat a frog. Warm up the frozen frog properly before offering it to your pet.

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