Can Ball Pythons Eat Crickets? Read Before You Feed

The ball python is a large animal that has been domesticated in recent days. It is a huge duty for the owner to give them the proper and right amount of food regularly.

In the case of a ball python, it is easy as it only takes meals almost weekly if the food is the right one. Ball python can eat cricket but it must not be their main meal.

Do Ball Pythons Eat Crickets?

Ball python can eat crickets but it is not their good source of the meal. In the wild they may have this. In the cage, they are not given cricket, which is not practical.

All the elements that exist in cricket cannot be a good source of food for ball python. Little baby ball pythons may be interested in eating cricket sometimes but larger ones have enough volume to be filled by tiny insects like cricket.

Here are some of the reasons why you should not feed your ball python crickets:

  • Crickets are not a natural part of a ball python’s diet. In the wild, ball pythons eat small mammals, such as mice and rats. Crickets are not a part of their natural diet and they do not provide the same nutritional value.
  • Crickets are difficult for ball pythons to digest. Crickets have a hard exoskeleton that can be difficult for ball pythons to digest. This can lead to digestive problems, such as impaction.
  • Crickets can carry diseases. Crickets can carry diseases that can be harmful to ball pythons. These diseases can be transmitted through the cricket’s bites or through contact with their feces.
  • Crickets can be a choking hazard. Crickets can be a choking hazard for ball pythons, especially if they are small or if the ball python is not used to eating them.

Can Ball Pythons Eat Live Crickets?

Ball python can eat live cricket. But it is wise not to give them live ones for many reasons. They can eat something that does not mean we can feed them insects. It takes a lot of time to digest live food into a ball python’s stomach.

The volume of the digestive tract is larger compared to cricket. This cricket can move around and irritate. This can also spread live bacteria, viruses mold and other microbes.

Do Ball Pythons Like Crickets?

An adult ball python has no intention to like cricket. The volume ratio between an adult ball python and cricket is too large to compare. Ball pythons like to have their food once a week and stay inactive rest of the time. But Insects like cricket will not fulfill such desires.

Moreover, insects are not a good source of different kinds of chemicals that can increase some creatures’ appetites. Baby ball python may find some interest in having those insects but not after they are grown up.

Can You Feed Ball Pythons Crickets?

Can You Feed Ball Pythons Crickets

Feeding ball python insects like cricket is not practical. They are not easily available. To feed it as a main meal can not fulfill the stomach of a large ball python.

They are tiny enough to fly away from the enclosure of a ball python and make a mess in your house.

Are Crickets Good for Ball Pythons?

No, crickets are not good for ball python as a meal. Such tiny insects can not fulfill the hunger of larger animals like ball pythons.

Live crickets can cause irritation as they have more extensions on their body. Such an insect doesn’t contain all the nutrients that ball python needs.

How Many Crickets Do You Feed A Ball Python?

Crickets are so tiny that to fill a ball python we need hundreds of them. But this can not be a good meal. There are no such important food ingredients that are essential for them. Moreover, finding crickets in town is a difficult task to do.

What Happens If A Ball Python Eats Toads?

Tods are a good source of protein. Ball python likes to eat them. Make sure that it is not poisonous. Wild ball pythons know well about poisonous ones. But in the case of domestic ball python you need to be careful about that.

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Can Baby Ball Python Eat Crickets?

Baby ball pythons are curious about their environment. They could like crickets for their hop activity. But after being grown up they are not likely to do that. Although baby ball python can have crickets but still they should have real rodents.

Can A Ball Python Eat Insects?

Insect is not a good source of nutrients that a ball python should have. Insects are tiny enough to fulfill their hunger. Some insects are poisonous to digest. This can lead to serious consequences. Besides, the best would be to give them what they are supposed to eat.

Do Ball Pythons Eat Grasshoppers?

Grasshopper is an insect that has a hard surface on them. They are not a good source of food for ball python. Such tiny insects will not satisfy the hunger of a large reptile like a ball python.

Can I Feed My Ball Python Anything Other Than Mice?

Yes, you can feed your ball python other things besides mice. Here are some other options:

  • Rats: Rats are a good option for adult ball pythons. They are larger than mice, which can help to keep your snake healthy and growing.
  • Quail chicks: Quail chicks are a good option for ball pythons that are picky eaters. They are also a good source of protein and calcium.
  • Gerbils: Gerbils are a good option for ball pythons that are looking for a change of pace. They are also a good source of protein and fat.
  • Chicks: Chicks are a good option for young ball pythons. They are smaller than mice, which can help to prevent them from becoming overweight.
  • Rabbits: Rabbits are a good option for large ball pythons. They are a good source of protein and fat.


Ball python is a shy animal. It can go without food for many days. In that case the food should be rich in calories and nutrition. For variations, ball python could have insects but it doesn’t mean that it is good for them.

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